Chris Evans

Independent Consultant (1990 – 1999)

Independent Consultant (1990 – 1999)

Lloyds TSB, CSC/BHS, StorageTek, British Gas Services, Retail Logic, SNCF & Tesco Stores

  • Lloyds TSB.  From July 1998 to January 1999 I consulted to the Lloyds TSB PLC mainframe storage management team, providing advice and technical support across MVS (OS/390 and MVS/ESA) storage platforms.  Achievements included the re-organisation of storage management processes for TSB mainframe systems, including cost reductions via the rationalisation of existing disk and tape storage.  I implemented SMS on existing systems not already converted to SMS management and performed maintenance and rationalisation work on DFHSM and CA-1. 
  • CSC/BHS.  From January 1998 to June 1998, I consulted to Computer Sciences (CSC) providing technical expertise to one of their major retail customers (BHS).  Working on a major project with specific responsibility for Storage Management (on an Open Systems platform) and the delivery of Unicenter TNG to manage the environment, I developed a storage management-reporting tool based on UNIX standard system reporting facilities and the Microsoft Office products Access and Excel (VBA). 
  • StorageTek.  I joined StorageTek in November 1996 as a Technical Consultant and Systems Architect in the Solutions Business Group.  In June 1997 I moved to a permanent position within the company.  My role was to provide technical advice and planning for storage projects with major customers.  I also worked at delivering storage solutions based around an internally developed Storage infrastructure analysis methodology.  Major projects were:
    •  Batch backup time reductions using an implementation of Snapshot on IBM RVA subsystems.
    • Development of a data archiving strategy for a major pharmaceuticals company.
    • Creation of a network backup product offering for PC systems.
  • British Gas: From February 1995 to November 1996 I consulted to British Gas Services as a Senior Team Leader with responsibility for mainframe systems.  Major projects completed included the implementation of Iceberg DASD subsystems and Snapshot, after which I was asked to present my project work to the StorageTek Forum in New Mexico. 
  •  Retail Logic: I worked for Retail Logic, a developer of credit card authorisation software, from August 1994 to February 1995 as a Senior Product Specialist.  I was responsible for the support and development of in-house software products. 
  •  SNCF: From December 1991 to July 1994 I consulted to SNCF France, as a Senior Systems Programmer.  I was responsible for the MVS environment, and creating a Storage Management Team.
  • Tesco Stores: From November 1990 to November 1991, I worked for Tesco Stores as a Systems Programmer and was responsible for the support of the Info/Man Problem and Change Management System.

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