Chris Evans

Storage Consultant (June 2001 to May 2004) – JPMorgan Chase & Co

Storage Consultant (June 2001 to May 2004) – JPMorgan Chase & Co, Bournemouth for JPMC and IBM Global Services

I worked as a Senior Storage Consultant to JPMorgan Chase & Co (formerly Chase Manhattan Bank) in Bournemouth and London as part of the Storage Management Team.  My role was to implement large-scale storage projects for Open Systems environments.  This included looking at all aspects of service delivery, from design and hardware installation (including project management) to management processes, procedures and service levels.  I took a major lead in the implementation of the following projects (including some mainframe work):

  • McData SAN Implementation.  As part of a bank-wide refresh project, I implemented a 16-director 1280-port Connectrix (McData) SAN.  This supports a heterogeneous environment of EMC (Symmetrix) and HDS (9980V) storage products, UNIX hosts (both Solaris and AIX), Windows 2000 Hosts and Netware 6 clustered hosts, spanning 2 data centres.  Specific issues in this project were designing the SAN for future scalability, ensuring the correct management tools and infrastructure were in place and creating a change management process to ensure documentation accurately reflected the operating environment.  This infrastructure supported approximately 70TB of storage on 300 hosts and was expanded twice (by more than doubling the infrastructure) to implement a dual-core director configuration, a new 6140 core configuration and an additional 300 new hosts.
  • Storage Deployment.  Project management of the deployment of additional storage capacity and new infrastructure into the Bournemouth campuses.
  • Design and Implementation of NAS Solution.  This project aimed to remediate an existing NFS solution used within the bank.  I designed and implemented a multi-cluster multi-site Netapp environment supporting an initial 2TB of storage.  This supported heterogeneous platforms including Linux. 
  • ECC Open Edition Deployment.  Installation and deployment of EMC Control Centre, Open Edition into the Bournemouth campus.
  • Automated Billing/Chargeback Solution.  Development of processes and scripts to extract and produce automated storage (both backup and tape) billing information to internal customers.
  • Timefinder BCV Implementation.  Development of processes to implement a ‘fast-backup’ solution for Oracle and Sybase using Timefinder.  Work included design of a BCV architecture within the existing SRDF environment, testing and implementation of the final solution.
  • SRDF Automated Failover Scripting.  Development of an automated HACMP solution to provide SRDF failover between multiple clustered AIX hosts operating at local and remote sites.  Work included the development of UNIX shell scripts to manage the SRDF failover process, including dynamic device group creation.
  • Mainframe Portfolio Refresh.  Replacement of the entire mainframe DASD infrastructure with new hardware.  Work has included the installation and configuration of new hardware, development and implementation of data migration strategies using TDMF and data migration work.

In April 2003, JPMC outsourced all enterprise IT services to IBM Global Services and my contract was transferred to IBM, working on the JPMC account.

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