Chris Evans

Storage Consultant (November 2007 – Present) – Dell UK

Storage Consultant (November 2007 to Present) – Dell UK (formerly TNWSC)

 My current role at Dell is within the GICS (Global Infrastructure Consulting Services), based in the UK.  Initially I worked with The Networked Storage Company for 3 months until their acquisition by Dell in February 2008.  I work with a wide range of clients, providing technical expertise, leadership and guidance on major projects for the company.  This has involved working with UK, EMEA and US customers, including the following:

  • Storage Transformation project for a large Dutch bank; creation of a new architecture design and standards for storage; implementation of new processes and procedures for storage deployment and reclamation; execution of a migration project moving over 1PB of data to new strategic infrastructure.
  • Storage healthcheck for a global pharmaceutical company; Analysis of 3PB of storage resources which resulted in the discovery and reclaim of over 600TB of reusable storage resources.
  • Healthchecks for numerous organisations; including manufacturing, healthcare, insurance and legal.  This work involves performing detailed analysis of customer technology and practices and developing a new strategic framework for technology which deliver significant cost savings.

As well as consulting work, I attend and present at the Dell’s Networked Exchange event, an invitation-only technology discussion forum.

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