Chris Evans

Technical Consultant (1999 – May 2001) – Razorcuts Entertainments PLC

Technical Consultant (1999 – May 2001) – Razorcuts Entertainments PLC

 In 1998, I co-founded Razorcuts Entertainments PLC to deliver music through new distribution channels.  I moved at the beginning of 1999 to work full-time at Razorcuts.  As a director of the company I managed day-to-day operations however I also continued to work at the technical level, developing software and implementing systems to manage the music that we offered.  During my time at Razorcuts the following projects were achieved:

 Creation of a 700GB Music Archive.  The archive was based on Windows NT Server and used SQL Server as the database engine for storing metadata information on each track.  The server used a gigabit Ethernet network to deliver content to the CD burning stations, where customised CDs were created.

  • Design and Implementation of a Bespoke Order Management System.  Razorcuts used an in-house developed solution for automating the entry and production of customer orders.  I designed and wrote the entire system using Visual Basic and SQL Server.  At its peak, the system received a new order every 6 seconds and produced over 3000 customised CDs per day.
  • Project Management of Customer Websites.  Creation of music plugins to customer websites and bespoke music related website design projects.
  • Development of encrypted Music Content.  Creation of downloadable encrypted music content that could be purchased over the Internet.

Razorcuts was an excellent learning opportunity in terms of delivering customer value and creating a unique product from a blank canvas.  In May 2001 I chose to leave Razorcuts and return to consultancy work.

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